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From wireless network and forensic science to identity solutions, We provide innovative solutions to solve complex challenges in society.

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Proven Track Records, trusted by government agencies and companies over a decade

Forensic Science

Our comparison microscopes, document examination equipment, and crime scene equipment are all market leaders, and are used by law enforcement, national security, and government agencies all over the world.

Wireless Communication

Drawing on our decade of experience in wireless communications together with our partnership with the world class manufacturers, enable us to provide the full range of tailor-made wireless solutions with reliability and stability.

Identity Database

Identification solution provides a platform for law enforcement and intelligence communities to use our unique biometric technology to identify persons more quickly and accurately.

Image and Video Analytic

A scalable video analytic platform that can recognize and identify faces and human appearance across many video streams in real time with high accuracy.

Intelligence Fusion

Law enforcement and security agencies are dealing with an expanding volume of intelligence data from various sources. Our platform assists in making sense of complex data. Get to investigative breakthroughs faster by uncovering insights sooner.

Our strong exclusive collaboration with world-class technology providers and our unmatched expertise with unparalleled understanding of Thailand’s environment.

enable us to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to diverse needs of our clients and also provide excellent value-added services such as installation, preventive maintenance, on-site support and so on.